British Feral Goat Research Group. To research the origin, history and present status of British feral goat herds, with the overall aim of identifying the remaining British Primitive Goats and preserving a viable gene bank of these for the future.

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The latest chapter of the nanny diaries- Jan 2008.

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The British Goat Society

The Forestry Commission

Direct link to 'Goat Park Talks'

The Goat Farmer

The Mammal Society

Glasgow Natural History Society

The University of Glasgow


The West Highland Way and its goats - Scotland

The Dutch Landrace Goat (This site is in Dutch!)

This is the site of friends of our group. Robert-Jan and Mirjam visited the UK in September 2003 to see our feral goats and work towards exporting some of them to Holland for their breeding program.

If you would to find out more about their visit, check the LATEST NEWS section towards the end of September to find out if they managed to get the goats they wanted and also to get a run down of their visit and their feedback on the UK feral situation.

Introduced Species

This web site was created and maintained by Adrian State who brings together information on the various flora and fauna of the British isles that have been introduced, whether by accident or design, since the year 1700.

Introduced species are also known as exotics, aliens, non indigenous, non - natives, invasives and a host of other terms. Adrian's definition of an introduced species is one that has survived for at least two generations in Britain in an uncontrolled (wild) manner after its initial introduction.

The Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park

The aim of Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park is simple: to promote an understanding and awareness of animals and their environment, through conservation, exhibition and interpretation. Over 50 species of threatened and native animals are house in sympathetic environments with the aim of promoting conservation and education.

Lynton Feral Goat Preservation Society

Roughly half way along the Exmoor coast lies a valley. A mysterious place the history of which is clouded by myth and legend. Once even more mysterious before its stone monuments were vandalised and laid waste and before the motor car had brought visitors in their thousands. Ancient peoples once lived in the valley's hollow which had been formed by the melting glaciers even earlier still.

Little evidence remains of the stone circles and standing stones or of the people who lived in the shadow of Holworthy Hill. Yet there is a living history in this valley. An ancient and rare animal lives here as it once lived all those long years find out more have a look at this lovely site of our fellow goat friends at Lynton.

A Word from Our Sponsors

Here we're linking to those lovely people who make their own natural handmade goats milk soap and are kind enough to sponsor our Web site. Their soap is made from milk taken from their own Golden Guernsey goats.