British Feral Goat Research Group. To research the origin, history and present status of British feral goat herds, with the overall aim of identifying the remaining British Primitive Goats and preserving a viable gene bank of these for the future.

British Feral Goat Research Group

We are not an animal activist organisation, but one based purely on factual research, with the overall aim of preserving a viable gene bank for the future of the British Feral Goat.

We currently receive no funding for our research so are completely self financed by individual members. We are currently attempting to secure funding for our projects and also to encourage promotion of the feral goat UK and world wide.

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We invite you to take a look at our new Web Shop. Each item sold provides funds that help us research British feral goats.

Breed Status

The British Primitive Goat encompasses what has previously been known as the Old English / Scottish / Welsh / Irish, British Landrace or Old British Goat. The breed descends from the goats introduced by the first farmers in the Neolithic period. It was this little, hairy all-weather goat that was moved around the periphery of Europe by the Celts, Vikings and Saxons. It sustained the people of the bronze and iron ages alongside a few cattle and sheep.

This is the breed that was brought by the first farmers, was kept by the builders of Stonehenge, changed hands constantly during the Anglo-Saxon invasion and Viking raiding; was the herding goat of the Mediaeval manor, and the mainstay of the Cheddar Cheese industry. We had NO other breed until the late 18th century.